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How to take the best pictures with your Cellphone

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Rainbow Mountain Trek 2020 Update: Unless you are a professional photographer, which most of us are not, you are probably just carrying your cellphone to take pictures during your visit to Rainbow Mountain Peru. This unique and unforgettable hike passes through beautiful and captivating Andean landscapes which you’ll definitely want to capture. Make the most of your cell phone’s camera and take the best pictures of Rainbow Mountain Trek using our top 5 tips!

Play with reflections

Our eyes are naturally attracted to all kinds of reflections. Objects reflected on mirrors, sunglasses, drinking glasses, and metallic surfaces are just a few examples. In particular, capturing the sky reflected on bodies of water such as ponds or puddles is one of the most idyllic pictures that you can take. So keep your eyes open for such bodies of water on the way to Rainbow Mountain Peru and remember to play with reflections of objects from different angles.

Use gridlines

You can make your pictures stand out by turning on your camera’s gridlines, the superimposed series of lines that appear on your smartphone’s camera. How does it work? A photographic theory called the “rule of thirds” states that an image should be broken into thirds on both the horizontal and vertical axis. Thus, your camera’s gridlines are set up according to the rule of thirds and allow you to place your point of interested at the intersection of those lines. By placing the point of interest at the intersection of gridlines, your picture will be more balanced, leveled and viewers will perceive it as more natural.

Watch the light at Rainbow Mountain

Besides the subject that you want to photograph, the second most important part of every picture is the light. A really bright light can enhance wrinkles whereas the soft light of a cloudy day can subdue those very same wrinkles. Make sure to move yourself or your subject to catch the right amount of light. For landscapes, it is best to take pictures early or late in the day when the light is orangish.

Watch the light at Rainbow Mountain

This is particularly important when taking group pictures. One of the most common issues is that not everyone is looking just right on the first take. Thus, it is best if you activate your camera’s continuous shooting mode when taking group pictures. After a couple of shots, the group looks more relaxed and a little less posed. For really big groups, it is a great idea that the camera is elevated above the group before taking the multiple shots. This is where a selfie stick comes in handy.

Use leading lines

Leading lines are lines that draw the viewer’s eyes towards a certain part of the picture frame. They can either be bent or straight lines. These lines are not necessarily one dimensional and can also be two or three dimensional. Some examples of leading lines are staircases, building facades, train tracks, roads, a path through the woods, a trail leading to Rainbow Mountain Peru viewpoint, etc. Leading lines create a sense of depth and make your pictures look purposeful.

Following these 5 tips will greatly increase the character and quality of your pictures. Experiment and have fun as you capture your memories on this challenging yet rewarding trek to this newly discovered gem in the heart of the Peruvian Andes. Check out our other pages for more info about how to get to Rainbow Mountain

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